Gay Identity and Authenticity

Daily Rituals: Aim for a daily check-in. This is some version of “How was your day, honey?” Try to practice this without multi-tasking. Hide the portable electronic devices and spend a few minutes just hearing what you partner did that day. It is your job to know about some (but not all) of the seemingly insignificant details of your partner’s office gossip, health issues, and favorite pop culture references. A “check-in” is a part of my daily practice. As Oscar Wilde said: “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation."

And how did I self-identify as this process took place? I refused to be put in any category but still felt most comfortable in and around the LGBT community.

In my professional counseling practice, I have personally witnessed the anguish and conflict experienced by those individuals who have professed to be gay. I have also observed the courage that many patients have demonstrated in the process of emerging from their silence over their sexual orientation. Learning to be authentic is an important component of counseling and to honestly identify one’s sexual identity may be apart of that process.

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To this end, the number of tour groups and tourists allowed to visit Bhutan each year is limited. While Bhutanese culture is very conservative and traditional, the warm, friendly Bhutanese people welcome gay travel tours and visitors on gay vacations, just as they would any other guest to their country. Due to the limited tourism allowed, anyone who has the opportunity to travel to this mystical mountain kingdom should take full advantage of experiencing all that the country of Bhutan has to offer.